Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Reindeers

I just found this picture. These are little reindeer, hair clips. Made out of ribbon and jingle bells. So perfect, that I can't stand it! I might just have to try the "Crafty World." Because these cuties, are just too perfect for Christmas! And my sweet girl!! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Inspiration!!

If you are a personal friend, or a family member, you know about our constant "Home Projects." It's been constant. Since we moved into our home. But we've really enjoyed it!

In the beginning, it was all about new floors, and painting. Then little by little, we've tackled other projects. Big projects! Remodeling our Master Suite. Then our bathrooms. Baby Jelly Bean's nursery, that was a work of great love! My favorite project hands down!!

We've even tackled our weird den. And all those old built ins. Our back patio. And eventually, the kitchen. All the "hard spaces." The "bones" of our home. But the fun stuff, the decorating, has been coming along slowly.

Don't be surprised when I tell you, we're nowhere near done! There are still some spaces, that we have to finish up. Things that we've been searching for inspiration for. That is why I was so happy, when I found these 2 pictures! Hello! Just my style!!

This pantry nook area, is perfect! We have this odd space. Our laundry room is large. And sits between our kitchen, and our garage. It's a pretty large room. With the washer and dryer to one side. At the opposite end, is a gorgeous window. The previous owners, had a large desk there. But I couldn't imagine a desk in this space. It just didn't seem like a useful space to me.

This picture has given me some ideas. We could try our hand at a built in unit. It would be the perfect place, to display some of my collection. You've got it! I collect colorful dishes, and glass! It would definitely be a pretty sight, when I'm doing laundry.

This sitting area, just makes my heart sing! We've got an odd shaped area, off of the kitchen. I'm thinking, it was designed to be a Breakfast nook. But I just had no inspiration for the space. We've had a small table there. With some flowers on it. That's pretty much it! And every time I see it, I think, I need to do something in that space!

Now that I see this picture, I'm so inspired! We have this gorgeous light fixture, that we bought long before we owned a home. And it's traveled around with us. It's perfect for this space! Now I just need to convince Jose to build us a window seat. I'm positive that I can figure out, how to sew some pillows. And I think I know where to find the perfect chairs!

This is a project, that has been years in the making! I finally found some inspiration. Now, Jose and I, need to make some time. A space like this, would be perfect for breakfast eating, bird watching, and menu planning! I can't wait!! :)