Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outdoor Spaces

Now that we're working on our yard, I'm searching for all kinds of inspiration. Everywhere I look, I'm hoping to find inspiration. The fact that we love color, shouldn't surprise you!! And when I think about "Outdoor Living," all I can think about, is fun colors.

Colors that mimic tropical places. Things that are fun. And happy. But also inspiration, for "transitional" spaces. Places that link, the outside, with the inside. Like this little entry way.

I can see this, as our back entry way. That space, that links our indoor living, with our outdoor living. Functional, fun, and inviting. A place where we can drop off muddy shoes, wet pool towels, and such. Now I need to start planning.... :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

It's no secret, we live in the desert. And it gets hot here. Unbelievably hot! The kind of hot, that makes you want to run for cover! When you find yourself, sweating so much, and you are just sitting there. Doing nothing!

As Jose puts it, you usually can't do a thing, after 9am. And it doesn't start to cool down, until 8pm. Ugh! We are not the AC loving kind of people. Nope! We enjoy having the windows open, and a few fans on. But in this kind of heat, that is just not possible....

I can't believe, that it's just the end of April, and it's already so hot! Sticky and everything. We've been working on projects this week, but find that by 11am, we have to go inside. What's Summer going to be like? I'm sort of worried about the real "Dog Days of Summer...." :)