Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've been searching for some inspiration. For our home. And our yard. Don't you just love, searching through design blogs? Well, I do! Even doing random searches on Google, make me very happy!

I found this picture, during a recent Google search. Forget about all those cactus! I've seen more of those, than I'd like to admit. In fact, we dug out, a ton from our yard. When we first moved here. I'm not a fan. Neither is Jose! I like pretty flowers and shady trees. Mi esposo, likes tropical yards and lots of grass.

But that pool, and that sitting area....I adore!! There is something about all those colors. I like the subtle design. But the fun colors. It gives me so many ideas!!

We have a swimming pool. And we've been wanting to do some work on it. It's one of those projects, that we've been saving money for. Because, it's going to take a pretty penny! Because of this picture, I want to look into turquoise tile. For our pool. And white decking. With lots of tropical plants. Don't forget the fun colors!! :)