Monday, April 2, 2012

When I Have Too Much Time....

My husband is working. He got a new client, and is spending hours, with his computer. Working on this new project. Baby Jelly Bean, is deep into her nap. Girly has been taking some good naps lately! Me? I'm supposed to be searching for a recipe. For our "Family Style Dinner." Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, we go to church. Enjoy a nice mass, and head to Memo's house for dinner. Every single week! During Lent, add in Friday nights. Don't forget, everyone has their parties at his house too!

Our Compadre just has the biggest heart ever! Enjoys having everyone over. Supplies 99.9% of the food. Gets upset, when we so much as try to clean up. But, I still want to contribute. In some way. I thought about baking something for tonight. That lead me to Google. My best, and worst, friend! While throwing some words into the search bar, I somehow, came up with these pictures!!

Um, hello! These just made my week! Can I have them? How do you make them? Oh, can you just imagine....

They'd add so much fun, to our kitchen. Immediately, I went to our kitchen. And realized, that we don't own many wooden utensils. That's unfortunate! But we do have 2 spoons. And I realized, I bought a 4 pack of wooden utensils, not too long ago. What did I do with them?

I figure, I can paint my own. I called our Commadre, and asked her advise on the paint. She told me exactly what to buy. And I've got my list. Oh, ya. I was supposed to be looking for recipes. Maybe I should just head to the store. Pick up my supplies. And a few cake mixes, with frosting. Cupcakes sound good to me! Maybe I'll throw in a few of these fun spoons, for our Compadre too! :)