Sunday, April 22, 2012


It should be no big surprise, that Jose works weekends. He's a musician. The weekend, well it's our "Bread and Butter." Bu it also gives me, time to hangout with friends, and all our kids. Yes, all our husbands are musicians!

Jose and I have been doing a lot of work on our home. Since we bought it really. The first 12-18 months, we focused on the interior. Now, we're starting to focus on the outside. Mostly because our little one, is able to play a little better, on her own. And enjoys the outside. That makes me so happy! The big yard, is what sold me, on our home!

I've got so many ideas! My spare Saturdays, aren't helping either! I spend the mornings with friends. Shopping around the Farmers Market, Lowe's, and Home Depot. I'm yearning to make one of those vertical garden boxes, from the Home Depot commercial. But fill it with herbs! Then I spend the afternoons, while Baby Jelly Bean is napping, watching PBS. And all their amazing gardening shows! You should see my list of plants, flowers, and trees that I want! Anyway, I was searching out the instructions, on the Home Depot project last night, and I found this picture.

So of course, I followed the link. Thank you Google! It doesn't always work for me. But this time, it did. And I found this tutorial! This morning, I told Jose all about it! He had that look on his face. Which translates loosely into "What are you talking about?" I should have probably let him wake up. That's another thing about musicians. He got home from work around 3am. I was talking about bird baths at 6am.

Eventually, my husband was wide awake. We talked. Went to church. And parted ways. Turns out, the Mariachi has a full day of work today. Well, Baby Jelly Bean and I, headed for Lowe's. I knew that I could get the supplies there, for less. But we stopped at Home Depot. I just happened to hear on the radio, about a sale there. On flowers!

Tomorrow, is Monday. The day most people go back to work. It's like Jose's Saturday. I just checked his calendar. I don't know if I've ever talked about it here. But Jose is a musician, in a Mariachi. And sometimes in the Symphony. But he also runs his own web company. Building websites, and maintaining them. For companies.

Well, it doesn't look like he has anything scheduled for tomorrow. Baby Jelly Bean and I noticed, the weather is going to be perfect! 96 degrees, slight afternoon breezes. Can you guess what our family is going to be doing? Building this bird bath. And planting the 3 flats of flowers I bought! :)