Thursday, April 12, 2012

She Needs a Hideout!!

Baby Jelly Bean is now just over 16 months old. We've got this play thing, down to a science! Her Nana and Nono, shower her with gifts. As does Daddy. But you know what my darling daughter likes to play with most? Blankets, sheets, anything that she can make into a tent!

It's not lie! When I go to get her out of her crib, she's somehow draped her little blankie, to make a tent. And is under there, playing with her most favorite teddy! So I've been on the hunt, for a small tent. Something that is very kid friendly! Breathable. And still pretty. Something that can grow with her.

I haven't had much luck. The only one that I found, that I liked, was much too expensive! But I didn't give up. Kept Googling. That's when I found these pictures....

What do you think? A fun DIY project for Jose? That's what I'm thinking! If only I can find the actual site, where these are posted. But maybe, my lover can figure it out. From just these 2 pictures. He's good like that! ;) Let me tell you, I've convinced him to do so many projects!

Between, don't you just love those hanging pots? So colorful! And the chalk board. Don't get me started on the rug. Or the fabric on the tent. Such great ideas....all around!!

And such a cozy, and safe hideout, for our Baby Jelly Bean. I could actually see the 2 of us, in there, reading. Or just snuggling. This is definitely going on my "To-Do List!" :)